Autel Robotics Drones: Professional, High-End Drones

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With the widespread usage and popularity of drones, we’ve witnessed many tech companies entering into drone manufacturing. In the past few years, various manufacturers have introduced some high-quality autonomous drones in the market.

Today, we’ll be reviewing one of the reputed drone makers – Autel Robotics, and featuring the best drones they have to offer. Equipped with advanced payloads and multiple functionalities, Autel drones are versatile, easy to use, and incredibly powerful.

Whether you are a vlogger, content creator, professional filmmaker, or industry expert, Autel drones can prove to be valuable equipment for anyone that needs an advanced and reliable high-end drone.

Autel Robotics Company Overview

Autel is a reputed tech company that focuses on the production and research, and development of automotive systems and electronic equipment. Their products cater to diverse areas in the field of technology in over 50 countries. In 2014, they expanded their services into UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) production under the brand name of Autel Robotics. Since then, they have launched a limited number of drones, but every product is made to match high industry standards.

Autel Robotics definitely operates on the principle of quality over quantity. They may not have a lot of products in the market, but the models they have launched are designed to offer the most advanced autonomous features.

High-end drones are usually a bit pricey due to the cost, effort, and technology that goes into their production. Autel drones may not be the best choice for beginners or those looking for a cheap and simple drone for casual use. But for serious drone enthusiasts or people who require drones for commercial and professional use, Autel Robotics offers truly impressive drones with intuitive features and intelligent autonomous capabilities.

Best Autel Robotics Drones

The current product catalog of Autel Robotics includes seven drones – three products each in the EVO II series and EVO II RTK series, and the Dragonfish, which is a standalone product. While most of the basic features are present in all their models, each drone also has its own specialized features. Let’s check out all of Autel Robotics drones in detail.

EVO II Series

There are three drones under the EVO II series – EVO II, EVO II Pro, and EVO II Dual.


EVO II is the base model of the series with the following features:

  • ½ inch CMOS sensors
  • 48 MP image resolution
  • Supports 8K, 6K, and 4K video resolution
  • Up to 8x maximum zoom and 4x lossless zoom
  • 40 minutes of maximum flight time
  • Maximum transmission range up to 5.5 miles
  • Can resists winds up to 39mph

Who is it best for?

With a 48 MP camera capable of recording videos in 8K, the EVO II drone is perfect for travel vloggers, content creators, and commercial video making.

Price: $1,495

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The EVO II Pro focuses on capturing videos and images under diverse conditions, so it’s better suited for professional video making and filmography. Its features include:

  • 1 inch CMOS sensors
  • 20 MP image resolution
  • Supports 6K, 4K, and HD video resolutions
  • Up to 8x maximum zoom and 3x lossless zoom
  • 10-bit color palette which can record and produce 1 billion colors
  • Hyper-light mode for capturing images and videos clearly during the night time or low light conditions
  • With an adjustable aperture, the camera can adapt to all types of lighting conditions and still produce high definition images and videos
  • 40 minutes max. flight time, 5.5 miles max speed, and wind resistance up to 39 mph

Who is it best for?

Due to its ability to capture equally detailed and high-resolution images in various lighting environments, the EVO II Pro is perfect for professional filmmaking purposes.

Price: $1,795

Buy Now on the Official Autel Store


EVO II Dual is the most advanced model in the EVO II series mainly because it offers high-quality, dynamic thermal imaging along with normal optical imaging. Its features include:

  • ½ inch CMOS optical sensors along with FLIR BOSON thermal sensors
  • 20 MP optical resolution, 640 x 512 thermal resolution
  • Supports 6K, 4K, and HD video resolutions
  • Up to 8x maximum zoom with 3 x lossless zoom
  • Can capture both optical and thermal imagery at the same time
  • Includes open SDK (software development kit) so that you can customize its program and features to suit your project
  • Can transmit real-time videos to multiple channels simultaneously
  • 38 minutes maximum flight time, 5.5 miles maximum transmission range, and powerful enough to resist Level 8 winds (35 to 45 mph).

Who is it best for?

The EVO II Dual is best for industrial uses such as industrial inspections, aerial mapping, law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue missions, etc.

Price: $9,998

The Evo II Dual can be ordered from an authorized third-party dealer. Click here to check Autel’s list of authorized dealers for the EVO II dual if you want to place an order.

Common Features of EVO II Series

Apart from the individual features of EVO II, EVO II Pro, and EVO II Dual, which we listed above, all three models also share some common features such as:

  • Sleek and Compact Design

The EVO II drones have a sleek and futuristic design while also being lightweight, compact, and foldable. They look like a small flying robot straight out of a sci-fi movie, so if looks and design are important for you, then EVO II drones will be a treat for your eyes.

  • 360o Obstacle Avoidance

Equipped with 12 cameras covering six different directions, EVO II series drones are capable of accurately identifying and avoiding obstacles during autonomous flights. Set the drone in auto flight and relax as it makes its own way through the journey safely and gets the job done.

  • Dynamic Track 2.0

EVO II has a dynamic tracking system that can focus on a specific target, such as a person, animal, or moving object, and accurately determine their position and speed. This enables the drone to track and follow the target on its own, and it can still observe and identify up to 64 objects around its vicinity when following its target.

  • High-Speed Flights

All three drones in the EVO II series offer maximum speeds up to 45mph, which is impressive. Whether it’s for tracking targets or capturing landscapes and cinematic shots, EVO II drones are perfect for all kinds of tasks that require high-speed flights.


The EVO II RTK is a notch above the previous models from the EVO II series, as it combines the already impressive features of the EVO II with the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology. It’s even more suitable for complex industrial uses due to better accuracy and positioning so that you can achieve pinpoint accuracy for aerial mapping and autonomous navigation missions.


  • High resolution 20 MP camera with 1 inch CMOS sensors
  • 6K Ultra HD video resolution
  • Capable of temperature measurement and detecting heat sources
  • 640 x 512 resolution thermal sensors
  • Supports both RTK and PPK module
  • Can be used with GNSS ground station unit to find accurate coordinates of a specific point
  • 36 minutes maximum flight time, 5.5 miles maximum transmission range, 45 mph max speed.

Who is it best for?

The main highlight of EVO II RTK is that it implements the RTK module while also supporting PPK. So it’s perfect for complex industrial tasks such as site inspections, power lines, and large machinery inspections, aerial mapping and surveillance with accurate data recording, and any other missions or projects that rely on accurate positioning and navigation during flight.

The EVO II RTK is a recently launched model from Autel Robotics and isn’t available commercially yet. As more updates are released regarding the price and availability, we will accordingly edit this section to bring you the latest info.


The main highlight of Autel Robotics is the three drones under its EVO II series. EVO II and EVO II pro feature truly high-resolution cameras which offer unparalleled image and video quality under all conditions. Though priced well above the $1000 mark, both drones offer excellent value for money and will be a profitable investment for professionals who need a commercial drone.

The EVO II Dual is geared towards industry uses and complex projects, so it’s been equipped with a powerful thermal sensor while still featuring an impressive 20MP, 6K UHD camera as well. Equally proficient in both optical and thermal imaging, the EVOI II Dual will serve perfectly in various areas from surveys and inspections to rescue missions.

EVO II RTK is even more advanced and features extremely accurate positioning capabilities. The RTK module enhances its autonomous flight performance and reduces the burden on the human flight controller. Set a flight route for the drone, and it will do the rest on its own!

With all these models, Autel Robotics successfully caters to both amateurs and professionals in need of a commercial drone. Despite offering a limited number of products, the quality and features of Autel Robotics drones showcase their high technology and industry standards.

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