DJI Drone Models Of 2021 (Continued)

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On one of our previous blog posts, we covered the DJI Mavic and Mini drones. In fact, as the biggest drone manufacturer in the world, DJI also has a long lineup of other drone models that are well worth your time and money.

Since we didn’t get a chance to talk about DJI’s other drone models in my last post, we decided to create an equally comprehensive sequel post, in which we’ll cover all of the remaining DJI drone models that we didn’t have room for. With that in mind, read on to find out more about the critical characteristics of DJI drones and discover the best DJI drone models you can buy in 2021.

Best DJI Drone Models

DJI has created by far the most drone models out of any consumer drone manufacturer in the industry. Aside from their flagship Mavic series, DJI has also developed several different models.

To ensure we provide you with the most comprehensive information on each of their models, we’ll take a closer look at one drone from each of their series. With that in mind, here are our top picks for the best DJI drone models:

Ryze Tech Tello – Best DJI Entry-Level Drone

The header might’ve left you confused, but don’t worry — this isn’t a mistake. The Ryze Tello is branded as a Ryze Tech product but is a drone that uses DJI technology and is available directly on the company’s site or on Amazon. Coming in at a price of just under $100, Tello’s price point of just $99 makes it a great entry-drone for pilots who are just starting their flying experience.

Saying Tello is small would be quite an understatement, as this tiny aircraft weighs just 2.8 ounces and measures 1.6″ by 3.9″ by 3.6″ (the picture above makes it look WAY bigger though :p). Of course, at that size and with such an affordable market price, you can’t expect Tello to come with over-the-top features or performance characteristics.

That said, it does what it’s meant to do more than well. The drone is straightforward to fly, programable, and is compatible with Bluetooth remote controllers. It comes with a 720p HD camera, electronic image stabilization, and can take 5MP images. Additionally, you can expect a battery life of around 10 to 12 minutes.

This entry-level drone is perfect for those who are just learning to fly, as it comes with handy features such as auto takeoff and landing, Bounce Mode, 8D Flips, and collision detection. It’s even compatible with VR headsets.

DJI Spark – Best DJI Drone Under $500

The DJI Spark drone is a small but very powerful drone created to cater to the average drone pilot’s needs and requirements. This palm-sized drone measures just 2.2 by 5.6 by 5.6 inches and weighs 10.6 ounces. It’s not foldable like some other DJI models, but its small stature and light weight make it a very convenient drone to carry around and travel with.

The company lists the drone’s flying time at 16 minutes. That said, the more realistic number to expect is around 12 to 13 minutes of flight time from a fully-charged battery. Its top speed is very impressive considering the drone’s size, as the DJI Spark can reach speeds up to 31 Mph in Sport Mode.

The drone’s camera provides you with the option of taking 12MP images and filming 1080p FULL HD videos at 30 frames per second. You can also purchase a dedicated remote control, though it is a bit pricey, considering you can still get an excellent experience using the smartphone-controlled flight setup.

Hovering around the $450 price point, the DJI Spark certainly isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re an avid drone enthusiast who appreciates all of the features Spark comes with, primarily its miniature size, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic DJI model.

DJI FPV Combo – Best DJI Drone In The $1000 Range

As an entertainment product, drones open up an entirely new opportunity for users to experience the excitement of flying through the year utilizing VR headsets. On the current drone market, no product takes advantage of this better than the DJI FPV Combo drone.

Staying on the topic of VR headsets, the video feed in the FPV drone comes in at 810p HD quality. According to DJI’s product information, the manufacturer promises minimal latency in the feed, only up to about seven milliseconds.

You can also take stunning footage with the drone’s 4K/60fps camera and the impressive 150-degree field of view. The drone comes with an intuitive DJI Motion Controller, which provides for easy and effortless flight control. The DJI FPV supports a flight time of around 20 minutes.

The DJI FPV Combo drone comes with three high-speed flight modes. The fastest of the three supports a maximum top speed of 87 Mph, providing an unmatchable FPV flying experience for thrill-chasers.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ – Best In The $1500-$2000 Tier

DJI’s Phantom series is arguably their most successful one right after the Mavic series. We’ve seen some genuinely great models over the years, including the DJI Phantom 3 4K, DJI Phantom 3 Professional, and the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. But, the drone that takes the cake for us is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro+.

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ drone comes with a 24mm lens and can film 60fps in 4K format and take 20MP Raw and JPEG images. The drone’s maximum speed is 45 mph in Sport Mode, and you can expect speeds up to 31 mph in default mode. It comes with an impressive flight time of up to 30 minutes.

The remote control has a nifty 5.5-inch screen and boasts 16GB of internal storage. As it comes with this integrated controller, the Phantom 4 Pro+ is very easy and intuitive to fly. Plus, this drone comes packed with useful features such as the return-to-home command, subject recognition and tracking, forward and rear obstacle detection, and much more great characteristics.

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ is undoubtedly on the more expensive side, costing around $1,800 when it’s not on sale, but it’s an excellent choice for drone pilots looking for a professional product with integrated control features.

DJI Matrice 600 Pro – Best Drone In The $5000+ Tier

Coming in at around $6,500, the Matrice 600 Pro is DJI’s first Enterprise drone aimed at those users looking for a craft with superlative performance features. This model uses all of the latest DJI technologies, including the Lightbridge 2 HD transmission system, the A3 Pro Flight Controller, and intelligent batteries with their management system.

This drone can carry a payload of up to 13.2 pounds, making it very customizable and user-friendly.  Although the Matrice is quite large compared to all other drones on the market, it can perform equally well as almost any other drone in the industry. Powered by robust propellers, the Matrice 600 Pro can reach speeds of around 40 mph.

The flight controls are very intuitive and work well up to a maximum height of 8200 feet. Additionally, you can expect a flight time of around 16 to 35 minutes, depending on the weight of the payload attached to the drone. Overall, the Matrice 600 Pro is the go-to drone for developers, as it’s designed to give them maximum freedom when choosing the camera, gimbal, or any other accessory they want to use.

DJI Inspire 2 – For Those For Whom Money Is No Object

The last drone we want to take a look at is the DJI Inspire 2, and as you can assume from the header above, this drone only targets a small number of users. With a base starting price of around $3,300, the Inspire 2 can cost almost three times this original price point if you decide to opt for all of the additional features that come with the advanced kit. So, what do you get if you decide to cash out for this drone instead of purchasing a solid used car for this money?

Well, to be fair, the amazing features offer excellent value for money. Users looking for a high-performing drone for professional purposes won’t go wrong if they opt for this product. The drone supports filming in 5.2K video and features options such as CinemaDNS and ProRes recording.

If you fly it in Sport Mode, Inspire 2 can reach speeds up to 70 mph. This incredible speed also means that you’ll need to have a big, clear area to fly it so you can experience the full power of the drone. The drone has obstacle detection and avoidance features, though they are disabled for Sport Mode.

Two powerful batteries power up this behemoth, so you can expect a flight time of around 20 to 25 minutes. This is convenient for another reason, as the Inspire 2 has a system that will allow you to safely fly down the drone with just one battery if one fails. The drone’s batteries are self-heating and can work in temperatures as low as -4 Fahrenheit. What’s more, you can take it as high as 16,400 feet above sea level.

Best DJI Drone Models – What to Keep in Mind

The drones we highlighted on this page are the best products that this drone manufacturer has created, apart from the well-known Mavic and Mini drone series. Using the information we’ve provided you with on this page and the one that previously covered the company’s flagship models, you now know everything you need to know to make an educated purchase that will best fit your flying needs and total budget. All that’s left now is to pick one of our recommended DJI drones and enjoy!

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