Drone Academies: The Best Training Academies for Flying Drones

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Is this going to be your first time flying a drone? Before you get started, you’re going to need to learn how to fly safely. We’ve rounded up some of the best drone academies where you can learn how to fly safely. They all have handy tutorials and tools to help you learn how to use the controls properly. They’ll also teach you how to maximize your drone’s features to make the most of these incredible tools.

These training courses will teach you everything you need to know to become a drone pilot. With enough practice, you can even make a career out of flying your drone. Many companies will hire professional drone pilots for photography, security, agriculture monitoring, and much more.

These drone academies offer courses for drone pilots of various skill levels. Students include those who are already commercial or recreational pilots, as well as those looking to get their first flight certification. In addition to teaching you how to use your drone, you can also learn about FAA regulations, aviation science, ethical drone use, and much more. Beginners can also take classes to learn sophisticated flying techniques, as well as drone photography and videography skills.

There are plenty of drone academies out there, but you’ll want to make sure the one you’re attending provides a high-quality drone education so you can take to the skies comfortably. Here are our picks for the top drone academies where you can learn to fly.



DARTdrones offers both in-person and online drone training courses. They have locations in 28 cities throughout the US, so there’s a good chance they have a location near you. In addition to their courses for individual drone enthusiasts, they also provide drone training solutions for companies.

This drone academy offers a variety of different courses to choose from. Each teaches different skills, and some offer certifications. Their pricing varies widely depending on the type of course you are taking and the skills you will be learning. Their online beginner course only costs $20 and will teach you the basics.

Once you’ve completed the beginner course, they offer a variety of specialized courses in topics like starting a drone business, aerial photography, disaster response, night flight, aerial mapping, roof inspection, and more. These courses range anywhere from $150 to $1490 in price.

DARTdrones’ most advanced course is their Professional Drone Pilot Package, which costs $1649. This course combines three different modules into one weekend of training. You’ll take an in-person class in drone flight as well as an in-person test preparation class, where you’ll learn everything you need to know for your FAA certification. You’ll also get access to 14 online lessons that will teach you about drone mission planning in the real world.

If you just want your FAA certification, you can take the test prep class on its own for $670 in person or $250 online. This course includes interactive learning modules as well as practice tests. The instructors are licensed aviation pilots, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to ask any questions that you have.

Additionally, they also offer their Trusted Operator Program certifications at Level 1 and Level 2. These certifications are a great option for professional drone operators who want to enhance their skills and better market themselves to potential clients.

DARTdrones was featured on Shark Tank and is one of the largest drone academies in the US. Their range of advanced courses means that even experienced pilots can benefit from taking their classes.

Drone Launch Academy

Drone Launch Academy

Drone Launch Academy is an entirely online drone school. Their most popular course is their FAA test preparation course. The course comes with detailed video lectures as well as online office hours with expert instructors. It also comes with an e-book study guide and a 200-question practice test.

This comprehensive FAA test prep course costs $199. They also guarantee your money back and will even reimburse your FAA exam fee if you fail the class. You’ll also get access to the course for life, so you can come back and review it later on throughout your career as a drone pilot.

Drone Launch Academy also offers a range of specialized drone courses online. Some of their most popular courses are their aerial photography and videography courses, which teach you not only how to capture drone content, but also how to edit it for the best possible results. These courses are updated frequently to cover the latest drone models, software programs, and media techniques. They also offer an aerial roof inspection course, which is great for those who work in the construction industry.

Additionally, Drone Launch Academy offers basic online drone courses for just $49. These courses are excellent for complete beginners who want to learn how to fly drones comfortably. Although the course is entirely online, they offer plenty of interactive practice exercises that you can do at home. Overall, this school is a great choice for anyone who wants convenient online drone education.

King Schools

King Schools

King Schools offers affordable drone pilot training courses online. They also offer a huge range of other general aviation courses. Their standard FAA 107 test preparation course costs $129 and includes detailed video instruction to help you comfortably pass the test.

King Schools is also known for offering free introductory classes, which you can use to determine if they are the right fit for your needs. In the drone sector, they offer a free course that teaches you how to fly safely in controlled airspace. This will help you better understand some of the FAA’s most important regulations and how controlled airspaces work. If students are happy with this introductory class, then they can continue on to take the full FAA test prep course.

This company has been in business for over 40 years and has continually updated their courses to include the latest aviation technologies. They offer resources for people who are already licensed pilots and instructors in addition to their beginner courses.

Drone U

Drone U

Drone U stands out from other drone schools because they offer a full library of classes for a subscription fee. For either $47 monthly or $470 annually, you can sign up for access to their full library of content. All of their courses are available online, and you can access them anytime you want. This makes it great not only for learning new skills, but also for brushing up on the basics.

On the Drone U platform, you’ll find courses for all skill levels. They have a wide range of specializations. In addition to beginner flying courses and FAA preparation courses, they also offer classes in topics like aerial mapping, aerial photography and photo editing, drone businesses, drone tracking, and much more.

In addition to their online courses, they offer in-person drone training and training events. They even offer training for drone fleets, which is a great option for businesses who run larger drone teams. In addition to their courses, Drone U releases a daily podcast episode, conducts regular webinars, and has a blog full of helpful tips and tricks.

The Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Aviation Administration


One of the most common reasons why people take drone classes is to get their FAA certification. You’ll need an FAA certification before you can fly your drone in public airspace. While the other academies on our list offer courses specifically designed to help you pass your certification test, you can also take courses directly from the FAA themselves.

The agency offers these training courses through the FAASTeam website. These courses will go into detail about everything you need to know in order to pass the exam. These courses are completed entirely online, and unlike many of the other courses on our list, it is completely free to take. Additionally, the FAA offers regular seminars and interactive activities to help you stay up to date on drone regulations and learn more about flying in general.

Since the FAA course is free, it might be the best choice for those on a budget. However, they don’t offer the specialized career courses that you will find at the other drone academies on this list.


If you’re a drone beginner, taking a course is the easiest and fastest way to master the controls. Learning from an expert can help you avoid accidents and make the most of all your drone’s amazing features. If you plan on getting your FAA certification, you’ll also need to take a course to learn all the ins and outs of FAA drone regulations. The FAA drone test can be difficult, so a reliable course is the best way to ensure you are properly prepared.

Additionally, specialized drone classes can teach you new skills that you can parlay into a career as a freelance drone pilot. These include aerial photography, mapping, roof inspection, drone tracking and surveillance, and much more. Since there are so many courses available online these days, it’s easier than ever to become a drone expert.

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