Drone Detector – How To Choose One

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In recent years, drones have become very accessible, which means there’s been an influx of flying objects taking to the skies. And while there are plenty of great things about commercial drones, you might not want them flying over your property. A drone detection system allows you to pick up on any drones headed toward your area, so you can take action and stay in control of the sky around you. Here’s what you need to know about what a drone detector does and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Why do I need a drone detector?

There are a number of reasons why someone might want a drone detector. Drones can be annoying – many models are noisy, and if they’re flying low, they can get in the way of your activities. If you live on a private property and want to maintain your peace and quiet, a drone detector can help you ensure that these flying objects stay off your property. If you run a business with an outdoor space, a drone detector can also help you remove this annoyance for your customers.

While most drones aren’t dangerous, there are some scenarios where they can pose a threat. Drones were initially used by military units around the world because of their potential for surveillance and weaponry. While the vast majority of civilians don’t use drones for this purpose, a drone detector can help you feel safe and in control. You can prevent others from spying on your property, and you’ll be able to detect other airborne threats ahead of time. Drones can be sneaky because of their small size, but a detector tool will help you spot them before they make their way to your property.

If you work in an industry with sensitive or valuable materials, your company could potentially be a target for drone attacks. A detection system can keep your employees safe and protect your company’s assets. Many government agencies already use drone detectors, but private commercial businesses are starting to use them now as drones become more of a threat. Drones are often used not to attack, but to spy on confidential information. A drone detector can help you protect your privacy and your intellectual property.

You also may want to use a drone detector if you like to fly your own drones. If there is another drone close by, it can interfere with your own drone’s navigation. This could happen when the drone physically enters your airspace or when the other drone’s signal interferes with yours. A drone detector can help you check your airspace before you send your own device up. Since drones are a big financial investment, you’ll want to do everything you can to identify and prevent threats to yours.

How do drone detectors work?

Drone detectors use a radar to sense drones and other threats moving in a 360 degree radius near you. Some drone detectors also implement cameras to track visual movement. Each model works slightly differently, but generally they are able to detect all drones within the radius, even if they are hidden behind buildings or trees. They are available in both stationary and portable units, and most models allow you to control them with a smartphone using an app. You’ll be notified as soon as a drone enters your pre-specified range, and then you can monitor it and opt to take action if needed.

What To Look For In A Drone Detector

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a drone detector. When shopping for one of these devices, you’ll first want to consider your reason for purchasing a drone detector. If you’re only using your drone detector at home, it doesn’t need to be particularly powerful, just strong enough to notify you of drones in a short radius. However, if you’re using a drone detector to protect a secure business, you are going to need a much more powerful system and may even want to use a system of multiple detectors. In this case, you might also want to look for a drone detection system that can automatically take out incoming drones.

When looking at drone detectors, the first thing to consider is the radius. How far away can the drone detector reach? Does this radius give you enough time to respond before the drone reaches your property? You should also consider the accuracy and sensitivity of the detector – it should be able to pick up drones even when they’re heavily obscured by foliage or buildings. The more accurate the drone detector is, the easier it will be for you to respond in an appropriate amount of time.

You should also consider the durability of your drone detector. If you’re going to have a fixed detector that stays outside, it should be made of materials that can withstand many different types of weather. Drone detectors should also be relatively easy to maintain and fix should you encounter a problem. The manufacturer should provide clear instructions on what to do should you encounter an issue with your drone detector, as well as how to get replacement parts.

Finally, you will need to decide if you want stationary drone detectors or if you want a portable option. Most stationary drone detectors connect with your smartphone or computer to send you notifications, so you will still be able to monitor their signal wherever you are. Stationary drone detectors are usually the most powerful. However, a portable drone detector can be a good option if you have multiple spaces where you need to track drones. They also tend to be more affordable.

What Is The Best Drone Detector For Me?

There are a number of different drone detection programs on the market to choose from. Here are some reliable options to consider using on your property.

Drone DetectorⓇ

This is one of the original drone detection devices on the market, and it is very robust. It has the ability to detect drones on the ground and in water as well as drones in the air. They cater to both government and commercial businesses who need protection. Their devices have a 360 degree radar of one kilometer. These systems are very advanced and can detect many drones right when they turn on. They’re extremely durable and are designed to last in all weather conditions. These drone detectors can be programmed to send alerts via WiFi or text message.


This is another brand that offers a wide range of drone protection options for businesses looking to protect themselves. They have both fixed and portable drone detection options, including drone detectors for cars and drone detectors that can be worn on the body. Many of their products also come with features that will automatically disable an incoming drone threat if it is detected, ensuring the fastest response possible. Their drone detectors are very durable and are designed for outdoor use.

DroneWatcher app

For small businesses and civilians who want affordable drone protection, the DroneWatcher app is an excellent option. It works on Android smartphones and tablets to detect drones within a range of approximately half a mile. It runs in the background on your phone and will send you a notification when a drone enters the range. It can even tell you what type of drone it is in many cases. Note that the app is somewhat limited compared to larger drone detection programs, because it only works on commercially available drones, not military drones or toy drones.

There are a number of reasons why you might consider getting a drone detector for your home or business. Drone detectors can help keep you safe and protect your privacy, and they can also make it safer for you to fly your own drone. We can expect to see drone detectors become more accessible in the coming years as an increased number of people purchase commercial and civilian drones.

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