Drone Jobs In The Most Popular Industries

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Are you interested in getting paid to fly drones? There are actually several drone jobs out there for drone operators and pilots. It is a rising trend in a variety of different industries. Project managers, software engineers, and sales professionals can all benefit from drones and the people who operate them. Flying a drone is a difficult skill that takes time to learn, which is why these services are so highly sought after.

Drone pilots may work for one client, or they can become a freelancer for several different clients. The majority of drone pilots are freelancers. However, full-time drone pilot jobs have become more common in the last few years. There are many different industries that offer jobs for drone pilots, so you may even be able to find a position that combines multiple passions. If you’re interested in pursuing a drone pilot career, then take a look at the industries below which now hire drone pilots.


The agricultural industry employs plenty of drone operators for the purpose of spraying crop fields with pesticides. They can also be used to spot treat crops that need it. Drones are also needed to surveil and assess the crop fields, especially on large multi-acre properties. This helps with everything from planting to irrigation to managing livestock.

There are so many benefits to using drones for these agricultural tasks. It takes much less time to manage a farm with a drone than it does manually. It’s also much more cost effective. Drone use allows farmers to use their resources and labor much more efficiently. Additionally, drones allow farmers to monitor their properties with precision, using technology like 3D mapping and thermal imagery. This gives farmers more insight into their crops and allows them to make adjustments to improve their yield.

Some farmers with small properties may attempt to fly their own drones. However, professional drone services are usually necessary for large properties. There’s plenty of opportunity for both freelance and full-time drone pilots in the agricultural industry.

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Photography and videography are the most popular jobs for drone pilots. Drones have completely changed the way we take pictures, because they allow us to capture stunning aerial images from angles that were simply impossible before. Many drones use high-definition cameras to capture these images in stunning clarity.

There are many different industries that hire freelance drone photographers and videographers. Many businesses are now using drone photography as part of their marketing. It’s also become very common for television shows and movies to incorporate drone videography. There’s huge demand for stock photos and videos at the moment, which is a great option for those who may be interested in profiting from their existing drone content.

Real Estate

In the real estate industry, it’s very important for potential buyers to learn as much about the property as possible. Agents have started relying on high quality photographs and even video tours to market their properties online. One of the ways that agents can make their property stand out is by using drone photography and video.

Many agents will be willing to pay several hundred dollars for a set of high quality drone photos of the property. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many people have been looking online for new homes instead of checking out the properties in person. This has dramatically increased demand for high quality real estate photography. Most real estate drone pilot jobs are conducted on a freelance basis, but there’s plenty of work available to fill a full-time work schedule.


The government uses drones for many different things. U.S. Border Patrol may use drones to monitor the illegal crossings along the border. Drones can cover more acreage than patrol officers can on the ground, so they are very efficient. In some cases, it can also be safer for officers to monitor by drone.

The military also needs drone pilots to operate their unmanned aircraft. The government uses heavy duty drones for international military missions where they collect key intelligence data. The military has relied on drones for reconnaissance missions because they are very detailed when collecting data. Using drones is a much safer option as well, because it does not put pilots in harm’s way.

You could have an exciting and fun career as a drone pilot for the government. One of the benefits of working for the government is that these jobs are very stable. In addition to flying, drone operators may also be required to repair the drone and analyze data collected from the drone.

There are plenty of government drone jobs that are full time and provide secure benefits. However, these jobs may require additional training beyond just knowing how to fly a drone.


The construction industry hires drone pilots regularly. Contractors don’t always live in the same city as their projects. However, they still need to keep track of progress on the site. One of the most effective ways to do this is by hiring a drone pilot.

Most construction crews don’t have the skills to operate a drone, so they’ll hire a certified drone pilot for the task. Many contractors will want to monitor their projects weekly or even bi-weekly to see how progress is coming along. Not only does this ensure that their projects are running on schedule, but they can also analyze this footage to determine how to make their projects more efficient in the future.


Drones are a very effective surveillance tool, because they are very small and streamlined but can still capture very clear imagery. Local police and other law enforcement agents now rely on drones to conduct routine surveillance. They will often use drones to monitor high traffic areas. This helps them catch accidents and other traffic violations very efficiently. In some cases, they may even use drones to track people suspected of criminal activity. Drones give the police more evidence and help them find criminals more accurately to keep the community safe.

Some private companies also use drones for surveillance purposes. Many tech and defense companies want to keep their operations as private and secure as possible. Drones can help them monitor the perimeter of their facilities very efficiently, so they can catch trespassers before they can cause any damage. Many drones even use thermal imaging cameras to make this process easier. Private companies may hire surveillance drone services on a full-time or freelance basis.

How To Get Started As A Drone Pilot

Getting started as a professional drone pilot can take some time. You’ll need to make sure you have the appropriate certifications from the FAA before you start seeking out work. There are a few ways to do this – if you already have a Part 61 private pilot’s certificate, you’ll just need to take an online course certified by the FAA. If not, you’ll need to take a test at an approved facility.

Even if you already know how to fly a drone, it’s important to study up beforehand using materials provided by the FAA. Drone academies are a great way to study up before the test. It’s also important to note that you’ll need to renew your certification every two years.

Keep in mind that some jobs may require additional certification beyond what’s required by the FAA. Some colleges now offer special classes or even entire degree programs for operating unmanned systems.

Once you’ve been certified, you’ll need to make sure you have the right equipment and the right skill set for the position. Spend plenty of time practicing and get to know your drone inside and out. These jobs are about more than just knowing how to fly – you’ll typically need to capture video or even analyze data as you do it.

How you’ll find these jobs will depend on what industry you want to go into. For example, if you’re looking to work with local law enforcement or a government agency, those will typically be full time jobs advertised by the companies themselves. However, if you’re working as a photographer or videographer, those jobs are typically on a freelance basis.

A great way to find freelance drone jobs is to use online platforms. There are networks specifically for drone pilots, such as Dronelancer and Droners.io, where you can create a profile and apply to open opportunities. By creating a profile, you give potential employers the option to hire you directly, which streamlines the process of looking for work. You also may be able to find freelance drone pilot jobs on more traditional drone network sites.

Freelancers may also want to consider building their own website to market their services. This will make you appear more professional to potential clients, and also gives you a platform to advertise your services.


It doesn’t matter which industry hires you as a drone pilot because you’ll still get to put your drone flying abilities to good use. Just remember to get your FAA certification first before you start your search for drone jobs.

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