GPS Drones: Best Models for 2021

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Drones are more popular than ever and people of all ages enjoy them so that they have become the most beloved gift nowadays. Whether you are a professional, hobbyist, or a drone enthusiast, choosing a model with GPS has numerous benefits. Let’s find out more about why these models are worth your attention!

What is a GPS Drone?

The GPS system in your drone is perhaps one of the most important ones to have. GPS drones are often more expensive but you can reap all the benefits if you plan to fly the gadget outdoors or take it with you on vacation.

The GPS technology allows your drone to fly at pre-established points, setting the speed, the height, and the direction of the flight. The system can also be used to make the drone hover for a set period of time.

Benefits of a GPS Drone

There are numerous smart features offered by modern GPS drones. One of them is known as position hold. This makes your drone hover on its own so you can take photos or record videos without worrying about crashing the device or having unsteady footage. If you are a beginner, this feature could help you learn how to fly while avoiding damages.

The next major advantage of a GPS system is the return home function. Most gadgets will return home automatically in case of a low battery or if there is a low signal.

More sophisticated GPS drones are able to fly autonomously. The user sets up a destination for the drone and tracks the drone while flying using a tablet or a phone. Then, all you need to do is relax and watch the drone fly by itself while you can enjoy the live camera feed.

We all know that there are some restricted areas where drones are not allowed, such as airports. One of the best aspects of the GPS system is the Safe Flight Technology. In other words, you can easily avoid unsafe spaces and avoid any illegal practices, keeping you safe and out of problems.

Best GPS Drones Review

Yuneec Mantis Q 4K Drone

The tiny Mantis Q boasts a lightweight construction of less than 17 oz (480g) but it comes with highly impressive technology. It is the first Yuneec drone to come with voice control, so you can easily manipulate it using voice commands, such as “start recording” and “come back”.

In terms of GPS capabilities, the small Mantis Q has a journey mode, which means that the drone flies linearly and then returns home. Other smart features include circling an object automatically, return home button, and more. With impressive speed and 4K video resolution, the small Mantis Q is one of the most powerful GPS drones on the market.

3DR Solo Drone

The fashionable 3DR Solo drone is one of the smartest models available today. It has two 1 GHz computers that boost ease of use and it is a great asset for photo or video enthusiasts due to the small but sturdy gimbal. A very exciting feature is the smart shot technology that allows you to capture smooth footage and pictures.

In terms of GPS capabilities, the drone features a “follow me” mode which means that the device can automatically follow you when you are on a trip or driving. The autopilot ensures the steadiest shots by enabling the device to fly by itself. All you need to do is set up a target and then the drone moves around it, allowing you to capture 360-degree videos.

Walkera Scout X4

Scout X4 boasts an advanced GPS system that enables you to fly better and more accurately. The waypoint mission planning is a terrific feature that allows you to set up 128 waypoints using your phone or tablet. You can add a destination and then enjoy the live stream.

Similar to other GPS drones, Walkera Scout X4 has a “follow me” mode, it can fly for approximately 25 minutes and has retractable landing gear so you can take more impressive shots. The controls are very user-friendly using the transmitter and you can add Hero 4 or Hero 3 if you need an action camera.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4 Pro is an excellent choice for professionals as you can create high-quality videos and even 3D imagery. This is all the result of a seamless GPS system and its autopilot system. The gadget uses 24 satellites for better connection and extreme precision that informs the drone all the time where you are, where it is located, its starting and destination points. These smart features mean that you can see where the device is on a map, it can return home, and many more.

Despite its complex features, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is beginner-friendly when it comes to flying. It boasts powerful autonomy systems which, combined with the GPS system, can create a 3D map and it locates itself on it. This offers a real-time view of the environment, while the numerous intelligent modes, such as gesture, tapfly, course lock, home lock, and obstacle avoidance are an absolute delight for all flying enthusiasts.

Contixo F24

If you prefer a simpler model, the small Contixo F24 is ideal for small budgets and beginners. Nonetheless, it enjoys a beautiful 4K camera and a gimbal with a three-axis for ultimate reliability. The Contixo F24 allows you to take beautiful photos and record numerous videos remotely.

With a flight time of about 30 minutes, the Contixo F24 is suitable for many needs. In terms of GPS, it may not be as evolved as pricier models, but it has all the basics, such as the SecureFly technology that makes the drone return home when needed. The signal is stable enough to allow smooth live video and image transmission at up to 1,700 feet. Some other smart features, such as orbit mode, gesture control, and follow me round up the interesting performance of the Contixo F24.

Autel X-Star

With an excellent flight time of about 25 minutes, Autel X-star can be enjoyed right out of the box. The navigation system boasts both GLONASS and GPS, combined with Starpoint Positioning System, which makes this versatile drone extremely steady and safe.

Most drones can become erratic when they encounter magnetic fields. Autel X-Star, however, safely returns home in this case due to the SecureFly technology. The remote controller has easy-to-use buttons for its numerous features, such as take off, landing, return home, hover, and others. In terms of the autopilot system, it may be worthwhile to acknowledge follow me, waypoints, and orbit. It is also impressive that you can easily adjust the camera settings while the drone flies.

SwellPro Splash 3 Drone

As the name suggests, this tiny device is a powerful, waterproof drone that resists all types of weather, unlike other models. It boasts plenty of flight modes, excellent camera quality, and you can fly it over the sea, lakes, and during rain with full confidence that your investment is safe. The small GPS drone features plenty of modes to boost your convenience, such as follow me mode, mission planning, circle flight, and others.

The Splash 3 drone has a waterproof 4K camera gimbal and a FPV remote controller. This is what makes it stand out from the crowd, especially when so many drone manufacturers have tried to create waterproof drones and gimbals and have failed. If you are passionate about impressive water landings, underwater photos and videos, and more, the Splash 3 may be exactly what you need.

Yuneec Typhoon 4K

If you are looking for maximum value for your money, the Typhoon 4K may be the winner. It has its own touchscreen controller, captures 4K videos, slow motion, and has numerous manual camera settings that allow you complete control over the device. With 12MP photos and unmatched digital videos, the small Typhoon 4K can be used for both professional and personal purposes.

In terms of GPS, the Yuneec Typhoon 4K has watch me, follow me, and return to home modes. When watch me mode is on, the 4K camera remains pointed at the pilot, always in focus, regardless of how you control the drone. The return to home mode makes the drone return to the location of the pilot and automatically land 4-8m away from them.

DJI Inspire 2

Finally, DJI Inspire 2 has excellent flight autonomy. It boasts obstacle avoidance and has sensor redundancy. With many intelligent modes, the Inspire 2 is extremely easy to fly and you can take numerous dramatic shots with confidence.

The model has both GLONASS and GPS with access to up to 24 satellites. This makes it quicker and more accurate compared to other models, while the Spotlight Pro is a tracking mode that allows you to take photos of an object regardless of where the drone is flying.


All in all, the navigation system has numerous appealing benefits when it comes to drones. It makes them more intuitive, easier to fly, and it also boasts safety knowing that your drone can fly autonomously and return home if any dangers are detected. The models discussed above are some of the best right now in terms of value for money, ease of use, and quality. Make sure you check them out!

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