Kespry Drones – An In-Depth Look

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Innovative US-based drone companies are one of the main reasons why the drone industry exploded over the past few years and found its way into millions of households. Automated and state-of-the-art drones have also become necessary tools for companies from many industries.

And, when it comes to innovative and advanced companies in this industry, few can top what Kespry has to offer. Based in the US, this drone company is one of the country’s biggest hopes for security supremacy in drone technology in the future. If you want to learn everything about Kespry’s products and services, continue reading this detailed overview of Kespry drones.

Kespry Drones – A Closer Look at the Company

Kespry opened up shop back in 2013 with a mission to provide advanced surveillance and analysis software for drones. As no other drone manufacturers at that time offered suitable models for their systems, Kespry also started producing its own in-house drones.

This drone production process operated for several years until Kespry’s executives decided to phase out drone production. Instead, the company focused its efforts on automated systems that would operate with drones from other manufacturers. Most notably, this includes working with the leading drone company, DJI. Kespry’s software is optimized to work best with DJI’s high-end drones, such as the Phantom 4 RTK and the Mavic 2 Pro.

Today, the company has customers all over the world. With the bulk of its consumers coming from the US, Kespry also offers its advanced services in Australia and Europe. Some of their biggest and best-known customers include Colas, Grinnell Mutual, Oldcastle, Titan America, and XAP 360.

In 2020, Kespry announced significant aerial intelligence updates for its drone analytics systems. This includes new tools, capabilities, integrations, and even some third-party operator options. Over the years, Kespry has expanded its field of expertise to cover various industries, which brings us to the next point of this Kespry Drones review.

Industries Kespry Drones Operates In

As one of the most innovative and advanced drone companies globally, Kespry provides sought-after solutions for a number of highly demanding industries. Most notably, these include:

  • Mining and Aggregates – Kespry is currently the leading US company for comprehensive drone-based intelligence solutions for mining and aggregates. Regarding mining specifically, Kespry drones have found their use in coal mining, gold mining, ore mining, and frac sand mining. Through previous use cases, Kespry determined that their solutions provide an 84% reduction in labor costs and an 80% increase in data accuracy.
  • Construction – Kespry’s construction aerial intelligence simplifies the survey process, as it allows companies to eliminate cumbersome and impractical ground control points. With Kespry drones, construction companies can collect survey-grade field data for the entire site in 30 minutes or less. This provides them with a reduction in field survey hours and more efficient earthworks management.
  • Insurance – Kespry’s drones are widely used by roofing and insurance companies to deliver more accurate assessments. With dimensional accuracy and millimeter resolution that can instantly detect granular loss, Kespry provides insurance and roofing companies with tools that allow for three times as many property inspections per day compared to traditional methods.
  • Process Industries – Kespry’s convenient and practical drone-based solutions allow processing industries to conduct quick and accurate daily on-site inspections. Kespry has found its way into multiple large-scale processing industries, most significantly the Oil and Gas industry, Chemicals, and Energy Utilities.
  • Pulp and Paper – Lastly, Kespry has found its use in maximizing efficiency and profitability for the Pulp and Paper industries. The company’s cutting-edge and precise analytics platform enables companies from these industries to introduce quick, cost-effective, and accurate methods of surveying sites. Businesses in the Pulp and Paper industries can analyze stockpile inventories, improve site operations, and monitor their inventories with precision within 1% and 3%.

Drones and Software

In its early years, Kespry had a very modern drone manufactory with several models lined up for use with their innovative software. However, as we talked about it above, the company quickly moved away from producing drones to producing only software and controller solutions for already existing drones made by other big names in the market.

A few years after making this switch, Kespry garnered wide attention for its highly automated and intelligent systems for drone navigation and complicated data collection and processing. Today, companies and individuals relish Kespry’s three-step system, which is based on the following automatic actions:

  1. Planning and Flying

Kespry has developed a fantastic iPad app, which you’ll have to download to take maximum advantage of all of the system’s features. The app is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate, as it walks you through every step of the process. First, you’ll need to determine the exact area you want to inspect or survey with the drone. After that, you’ll have to identify the flight heights you want to capture the data from.

After setting these two parameters, you will need to complete a short checklist to ensure the flight is safe. Once you’ve completed the preflight settings, you’re ready to launch the drone. From that point on, the drone will carry on the mission entirely autonomously. After it completes the checklist you’ve created for it, it will return to the take-off area to make a safe landing.

  1. Automated Analysis

Once the drone has surveyed the desired area with high-precision cameras and delicate software, it will upload all of the data to the Kespry Cloud. The Kespry Cloud allows you to share the information with anyone, no matter their location.

For specific industries, such as mining, aggregates, and construction, Kespry automatically generates 2D and 3D models of the surveyed site and delivers ample information for automatic analysis.

Once the data is in the Cloud, Kespry’s fast processing tools access the information within minutes from the upload. This allows them to provide analyzed data directly in the field in as little as one hour.

  1. Insights and Reports

Finally, once the analysis is complete, the system automatically proceeds to the third and final step of the process – analyzing and reporting the obtained data. During this step of the process, Kespry’s system accurately determines all of the relevant data, including object volumes, the distance between objects, and any elevations.

The system combines industry-standard processes such as dimensional analysis with advanced high-resolution reports to examine the data. All of this information can then be outputted to the user’s system and used to plan and manage the specific site or process.

Considering each of the three steps we’ve discussed above, it’s clear to see that one of Kespry’s main appeals is the convenience and practicality of its systems. With Kespry, there are no SD cards you have to keep track of and no joysticks you need to handle and transport with care. Everything is smooth and touchless, from the moment the drone harvests the data to the moment you get the end information.

Why Doesn’t Kespry List Drone Prices Publicly?

You may have noticed that we didn’t list any ballpark prices on any of the products and services Kespry provides to its customers. What’s more, even if you go to their website directly, you couldn’t find any numbers to go off of when purchasing a Kespry drone.

While this lack of transparency may be concerning at first glance, Kespry has sound reasoning for such a business model. Namely, their service is so sophisticated and diversified that it’s impossible for them to list precise prices for all customers and industries they serve.

Instead, Kespry features a reasonably extensive price quote page. With the answers you provide them in the price quote section, they can form an accurate quote based on your needs and demands. Their customer support service is very friendly and will help guide you through the process if you have any questions or issues filling out your price quote.

It’s understandable that such a business model may deter some users and businesses from opting for Kespry. That said, Kespry does offer its potential customers the option of requesting a demo to gain insight into how the company’s system can help boost their operational efficiency and in the field surveys.

Kespry Drones – Key Things to Remember

Like all of the top drone services present in today’s market, Kespry has evolved significantly since its early days. It started out primarily as a drone manufacturer in 2013 and eventually moved its focus more towards software solutions for existing drone products. In 2020 and 2021, with the global Coronavirus pandemic, Kespry experienced another significant boost, as many roof inspectors and insurance agencies switched to contactless inspections.

Today, Kespry is much more than an ex-drone manufacturer gone software developer. It did completely shift from producing drones, as we’ve talked about on this page. But, the more critical part of the story is how the company embraced its position as one of the leading companies producing data-collecting systems. In terms of their software and controllers, Kespry is undoubtedly at the forefront of the industry, and there are yet many exciting things we can expect from their creative staff.

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