Yuneec Drones: A 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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When you’re looking to buy a drone, whether as a hobbyist or for professional use, there are some well-known brands that you’re bound to hear about. And one such brand is Yuneec, which has a small but versatile range of drones with some high-quality features. From cheap and simple selfie drones to extraordinarily advanced and automated ones, Yuneec offers some of the best drones on the market.

To help you find the perfect Yuneec drones model, we have put together this guide where we cover all their best models with full features, specifications, and pricing. Everything you need to know about Yuneec drones, you can find it right here under one roof!

Yuneec International History and Overview

Yuneec International was founded in 1999 under the name of GreenWing International. Since the beginning, they have been working in the aerospace industry, but they didn’t start as drone manufacturers right away. In the early days, they manufactured model aircraft specifically for the US market and slowly expanded to the production of electric aircraft as well.

The company started manufacturing drones in the mid-2010s and changed its brand name to Yuneec International in 2014. When it comes to drones, Yuneec has always been more focused on quality over quantity.

They have launched a limited number of models ever since they started making drones. Still, given their aerospace industry experience, each of their models offers a fantastic flight experience, smooth controls, and some of the most advanced features you can expect from drones. The craftsmanship and expertise of Yuneec can clearly be seen in the design and specifications of their drone models.

Best Yuneec Drones Under Different Price Range

Now let’s jump into the main topic and take a look at the various models of drones that Yuneec offers. We will not just focus on their features but also on their applications to understand what each drone is capable of and who they are meant for. And of course, price is a significant factor when you’re buying drones, so we’ll cover different price ranges too, from cheap and affordable to the more expensive and advanced models.

Low Budget Picks

Yuneec Breeze 4k

The Breeze 4k is one of Yuneec’s earliest models. Small, compact, and lightweight, it is equipped with an UltraHD 4k camera, and the manufacturers themselves have called it a ‘flying camera,’ which aptly describes the drone.

You need to know that Yuneec Breeze doesn’t have or need a remote controller. It’s controlled directly from your phone or tablet through the Breeze Cam app. The design is simple – four propellers arranged in a cross (X) configuration with an elongated central body.

It’s made of plastic housing, so don’t expect extreme durability, but on the brighter side, it’s very lightweight. And it offers a decent flight time of about 12 minutes.

Once you connect the Breeze with the Breeze Cam app on your phone, you will find five different flying modes.

  • Pilot mode, which lets you control the drone yourself.
  • Selfie mode, which lets you set a height and distance and makes the drone stay extremely still on that spot so you can capture picture-perfect selfies.
  • Orbit mode, where the drone continuously circles you with the camera faced in your direction, at a fixed radius which you can set.
  • Follow Me mode, the name says it all. You can task the drone to track and follow you from a fixed height and distance.
  • Journey mode, where the drone flies away to a certain distance and then flies back to you, perfect for taking cinematic shots.

Apart from these flying modes, Breeze also comes with a return-to-home (RTH) feature, which is quite impressive for a low-priced drone. So you can probably see how the term ‘flying camera’ is the perfect description of Yuneec Breeze.

You can buy it used for ranging between $200 and $400 currently on Amazon.

Who Is It For?

The Breeze 4k is perfect for beginners who are buying a drone for the first time since it has simple features and is easy to fly. If you just need a low budget drone for taking pictures and videos for personal and recreational use, then Yuneec Breeze is the best thing you can get for its price range.

Yuneec Mantis G

Yuneec Mantis G is an upgraded model of the now discontinued Mantis Q. The Mantis Q was a great product, but it had its limitations – lack of proper gimbal stabilization and the absence of the best quality camera. The Mantis G comes as a robust upgrade that successfully overcomes those limitations of its predecessor.

The first thing about Mantis G that will capture your attention is its design. It looks like a futuristic device with a sleek, black body, and it’s foldable, which makes it super convenient to carry around. You can easily tuck it inside your handbag or backpack. The camera quality is superb and can provide 4k videos and high-quality images. It has different flying modes, such as:

  • Waypoint: Plan an automated route for the drone by setting various checkpoints.
  • Point of Interest: The Point of Interest mode sets the drone to fly in a circle around any set point.
  • Visual Tracking: You can set the drone to track and follow any object or person.
  • Voice Control: Some features of the drone can be controlled with voice commands.
  • Return-to-home: Set the drone to fly back to you with the RTH feature automatically.

Additional specifications such as a maximum speed of 45 mph and an impressive flight time of 33 minutes give us more reasons to admire the small but powerful Mantis G. If you want to capture some awe-inspiring shots, be it for fun like social media posts or more professional use such as vlogs and online content, then Mantis G will get the job done perfectly.

Yuneec has not made Mantis G available for the US market for now. For the European market, Mantis G can be bought from Yuneec’s official store for €564.17. It’s not as cheap as Breeze 4k, but considering its features and the standard price of high-quality drones, the price tag of Mantis G definitely qualifies as a low budget pick.

Who Is It For?

The Mantis G is perfect for capturing immersive images and videos for amateur level professional use. It’s best for content creators who are looking for advanced features at a reasonable price.

Mid-Budget Pick

Typhoon H Plus

The Typhoon H Plus packs some compelling features that make it perfect for professional use, such as creating online content, wildlife or real estate photography, and much more. It sports the 6-rotor hexacopter configuration and is combined with Intel RealSense, which gives the drone extraordinarily accurate and advanced visual perception.

It also comes with Orbit Me, Point of Interest, Journey Mode, and Follow Me, all of which are features which we have already discussed in the previous models. And the return-to-home feature is also there.

Now let’s check out some of the more advanced features of Typhoon H Plus. First of all, we have the Team Mode, which allows the drone to be controlled by two operators – one controls the flight, and another person can control the camera. This is a truly innovative feature that lets you record videos and survey locations more effectively as one person can entirely focus on the camera shots without having to concentrate on flying.

Then there’s the Curved Cam mode, which also allows separate controls for the flight and camera like the Team Mode. The difference is that in Curved Cam mode, you set the drone to fly automatically on a preset path and so you can just focus on on-camera controls. Typhoon H Plus also uses Sonar Collision Avoidance technology, bringing the drone to a halt immediately when an object appears in front of it.

With up to 30mph of flight speed and 28 minutes of flight time, the Typhoon H Plus is an excellent drone for professionals. You can buy it in used but good condition from Amazon for $1,199 or from the Yuneec EU store for €1,699.

Who Is It For?

The Typhoon H Plus is best suited for professionals, so individuals and businesses that need a reliable drone for photography, videography, and survey should surely go for this one.

High Budget Pick

Yuneec H520E

The H520E is Yuneec’s most advanced and high-end model. This is not a drone for hobbyists but a powerful and multifunctional drone for commercial, industrial use such as surveillance, inspection, survey, and analysis. It also sports the hexacopter design and features retractable legs so that the camera is free to move around a full 360o.

Some of its features that we already discussed in previous models are the Team Mode, Orbit Mode, and RTH feature. But let’s talk about the exclusive features of H520E. Yuneec’s DataPilot software allows the operator to create 3D scans and orthomaps of sites that can be extremely useful in areas like agriculture or construction.

Of course, the info about their sites is sensitive data for businesses, which is why the H520E doesn’t communicate and exchange any date with Yuneec’s remote server, so your privacy is respected, and your data is entirely in your control.

The drone also comes with a Software Development Kit, which lets developers tap into its software so that they can program the drone for more functions if required. Also, considering that the H520E is built for industrial use, it also has a sturdy built and can withstand strong winds up to 45mph.

In addition, they use accurate camera stabilization technology to ensure that the video footage remains perfectly still even if the drone experiences slight movement when hovering. It can also achieve speeds up to 38mph and has a flight time of 28 minutes along with a video range of up to 3 km, which is impressive.

The H520E base model can be purchased from Yuneec’s official store for $2,399.99.

Who Is It For?

The H520E is not your everyday use drone. It’s designed for businesses and industries, so if you’re looking for an extremely durable and capable drone for industrial purposes, then Yuneec H520E is one of the best in the market.

Final Words

Yuneec has a strong reputation as a drone manufacturer and for all the right reasons. Even though they have just a handful of models, you can see that they offer drones in a wide price range with accordingly varying features from taking simple pictures to performing industrial site surveillance. No matter what type of drone you wish to buy and for what purpose, you can surely find one that suits your needs from Yuneec’s fantastic selection of drones.

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